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This page has most of our forms and brochures. If you require a form that is not on this page, you can request forms and/or brochures to be sent to you by regular mail.

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Application Form
Please note that waiting periods may apply (including those for pre-existing conditions) and some products have restrictions, excesses and limits. Please read our Brochure or Cover Descriptions below for full product information before joining.

Claim Form (interactive)

Claim form (print friendly)

Declaration of Condition Form

Medicare Claim Form

Medicare Two Way Claim Form

Dependant Registration Form

Student Dependant Registration Form

Direct Debit Request / Change Form

Rebate Application Form

Rebate Tier Change Form





onemedifund Brochure

Rates - 1 April 2018

Waiting Periods & Pre-Existing Ailment Information Booklet

Health options

Fact Sheet - Hospital

Fact Sheet - Pregnancy

Fact Sheet - IVF




Cover Descriptions

Hospital Cover

Private Plus - No Excess

Private Plus - $250/$500 Excess

Extras Cover 

Extras products can only be purchased as a combination (with a hospital cover)

Extras Plus

Basic Extras

Combination Cover

Private Plus Hospital - No Excess & Extras Plus

Private Plus Hospital - No Excess & Basic Extras

Private Plus Hospital - $250/$500 Excess & Extras Plus

Private Plus Hospital - $250/$500 Excess & Basic Extras