Starting your own health cover

We make starting your own cover easy with everything you need to know.


Why private health cover?

Private health cover allows you to choose your own doctor and receive treatment as soon as you need it. 

Because of the demand for the public health system, you could be waiting months or more for the treatment you need in a public hospital.

How does private cover work?

There are two parts to private health cover – hospital and extras cover.

Hospital cover
This covers you for services you receive while admitted to hospital, like accommodation, theatre and doctors’ fees

Extras cover
This covers you for everyday services like dental and optical

onemedifund cover

Hospital cover
Our Gold Hospital cover provides benefits for private and public hospitals and has the option of no excess or a $250 excess (capped at $500 for family cover) to reduce your premium.

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Extras cover
We offer two levels of extras cover – Extras and Economy Plus. Extras products can only be purchased as a combination (with a hospital cover)

Economy Extras Extras
Economy Extras provides cover for:
  • Ambulance
  • General dental
  • Prescription glasses, frames & contact lenses
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Most complementary therapies
  • Health management programs
Extras provides cover for:
  • Ambulance
  • General & high cost dental
  • Optical (including laser eye surgery)
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy & other therapies
  • Complementary therapies
  • Psychology
  • Health aids
  • Health management programs

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Combination cover

You can mix and match our hospital and extras covers to create the ideal cover for you.

Ambulance cover

All levels of onemedifund cover include national ambulance cover. Our ambulance cover includes:

  • 100% of the cost of medically necessary ambulance travel
  • Air, land and sea ambulance
  • Unlimited distance within Australia

Save on your cover

The Australian Government Rebate
The Government offer a rebate on health cover contributions based on your age and household income.

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Choose an excess
Choosing an excess allows you to reduce your contribution rate. An excess is the amount you agree to pay up-front towards the cost of your hospitalisation.

The excesses on onemedifund hospital cover are:

Day surgery or public hospital admission Overnight admission in private hospital Maximum excess payable in a financial year (per person) Maximum excess payable in a financial year (per family)
$125 $250 $250 $250


Important information

Waiting periods
If you take out your own onemedifund cover within 60 days of coming off your family’s cover, you will be able to claim straight away for services that you were covered for with them (provided that they have served their waiting periods). Please note that you are unable to claim for services received during the period between coming off your family’s cover and commencing your own cover.

If you take out a higher level of cover than your family, you will have to serve some waiting periods.

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Other important information

Please note that this information is a summary only. Before choosing your cover, please read our brochure or cover descriptions for full details. Alternatively, please call us on 1800 148 626 if you have any questions.

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