Private health insurance rebate


Your Rebate

The rebate you receive will depend on your age, income and inflation (CPI) increases each year. The Rebate will change every year from now on, depending on CPI (inflation) and average health fund industry increases in premium. It's calculated using a Government formula.

If you want more info about the Rebate formula, you'll need to contact the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) on 13 28 61.

Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance

The Australian Government Rebate on Private Health Insurance is income tested, and the amount of rebate you are entitled to receive each year may vary. The rebate applies to the standard payment of all onemedifund products. The rebate isn’t available for the Lifetime Health Cover loading portion of contributor payments.

Your rebate is based on your age and taxable household income for Medicare Levy Surcharge purposes and below are the thresholds set by the Australian Government for the 2018/19 financial year.

It is up to you to let onemedifund know if you wish to nominate a rebate tier. You can nominate a new tier at any time and, if you nominate the incorrect tier, the Tax Office will reconcile any differences when you lodge your tax return for the applicable financial year.

If you are not sure which rebate tier you should choose, please contact your tax agent, financial advisor or the Tax Office at


Rebate Tiers

as at 1 April 2018

  Income threshold
(for 2018/19 financial year)
Age & Rebate Amount
(age of the oldest person on your health cover)
Under 65 years 65-69 years 70+ years
Base Tier Singles
$90,000 or less
$180,000 or less
25.059% 29.236% 33.413%
Tier 1 Singles
$90,001 –  105,000
$180,001 – 210,000
16.706% 20.883% 25.059%
Tier 2 Singles
$105,001 – 140,000
$210,001 – 280,000
8.352% 12.529% 16.706%
Tier 3 Singles
$140,001 or more
$280,001 or more
0% 0% 0%

 *If you are a family with children, the income threshold for each tier is increased by $1,500 for every child after your first. Family includes couples.


Nominate your rebate tier

You can nominate your rebate tier via our Online Services, by completing our Rebate Tier Nomination Form, emailing or calling 1800 148 626.


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